April 18, 2023

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Ben Emmrich

Revolutionizing Small Business Shipping: Tusk Logistics & Deposco Partnership


In today’s fast-paced world, Shippers face a constant challenge – balancing the needs of their customers while keeping their business cost-effective and competitive. Many businesses that ship items to their customers rely heavily on a single parcel carrier, leaving them vulnerable to rising costs and service disruptions.

The alternatives that exist to the legacy national parcel carriers are difficult to access at scale, nationwide. The best alternatives are regional parcel carriers, like GLS, Better Trucks, LSO, and CDL, but each regional carrier requires a custom negotiation, bespoke integration and ongoing monitoring. This high level of complexity and effort means that most Shippers choose not to access alternative carriers, and don’t experience the savings and great service they’d provide.

Tusk Logistics and Deposco have partnered to solve this challenge. This strategic alliance empowers Deposco’s customers with access to a robust set of affordable and efficient shipping solutions, powered by the Tusk network of top-tier regional carriers at pre-negotiated rates. Tusk’s services are seamlessly available on Deposco and can be activated with ease, enabling Deposco users to exceed their customer’s shipping expectations while keeping costs low.

Tusk Logistics Puts Shippers First

Tusk’s network of regional carriers provides Shippers with lower costs, reliable service, and proactive support on every parcel with no new software or the overhead of negotiating rates. By leveraging its deep integration with Deposco’s robust and open platform, Tusk is able to offer Shippers access to cost-effective regional carriers, providing an alternative to legacy national parcel carriers.

One of the key benefits of Tusk for Deposco users is substantial cost savings. Shippers can expect to save an average of 40% on each Tusk parcel vs their negotiated rates with legacy national parcel carriers. Additionally, Tusk’s shipping network is reliable, with service quality that often exceeds legacy national parcel carriers. And critically, the Tusk team monitors each parcel in real-time, taking proactive action to fix any delivery problem that arises. This proactive support stops service failures before they impact a customer’s experience, improving overall customer retention and satisfaction.

Deposco and Tusk Logistics Integration

Tusk’s seamless integration with Deposco’s Warehouse Management System allows customers to effortlessly incorporate Tusk’s solution into their existing workflow. No new software or development is required – Tusk is ready to go inside Deposco as another shipping option. Within minutes, Shippers can compare Tusk service to their existing carriers. Tusk wins only on its merit – when it’s the lowest cost or fastest delivery option.


The partnership between Tusk Logistics and Deposco delivers immediate value to customers. By offering cost-effective, reliable shipping solutions and seamless integration within the Deposco Bright Suite platform, this partnership empowers businesses to exceed their customers’ shipping expectations and create significant savings.

Optimize Your Shipping Strategy today:

  • Learn more about the integration: Deposco WMS + Tusk Logistics
  • Impact analysis: Send us a month’s worth of your parcel data, and we’ll show you exactly how much you’d save with the Tusk network in place

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