How Tusk works

A new shipping alternative that puts shippers first

Unlock cheaper, faster shipping with Tusk’s national network of regional carriers
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A supply chain manager is using Tusk as a central shipping option, which is also connected to multiple regional carriers, in competition with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

How does Tusk work

You select Tusk shipping option from your your shipping software.
A businessman using a laptop, with Tusk logo centrally connected to competitors: USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
Tusk automatically routes the order to the optimal regional carrier
Tusk's network offers multiple regional carriers, providing more shipping options.
Tusk facilitates pick-up from your warehouse and injection to the regional carrier
A delivery person loading packages into a vehicle, representing a regional carrier service.
The regional carrier delivers the package to your customer
A smiling recipient receiving a package at the door, indicating successful delivery.

Deliver a world-class shipping experience

Delivered within three days
Delivered in the next day

Simple, fast and cost-effective.

We integrate directly into your TMS/WMS with no new software required
Tusk earns parcel volume only when you save money
Tusk facilitates daily pick-ups from your warehouse
We coordinate direct injection into our regional carriers
Parcel status screen with timeline and map showing in-transit update.

Improve your post-purchase experience

Tusk handles ensuring your package makes it from your warehouse to your customer.
Get full visibility into each parcel’s journey
Tusk support proactively monitors for delivery issues
If an issue arises, Tusk notifies you and files a claim
A detailed shipper summary spreadsheet and delivery status graphs.

Tusk’s network is strong where your customers live

A map showing Tusk's current and future service zones across the United States.

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