Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions and gain valuable insights about Tusk Logistics on our FAQ page.

What is Tusk?

Tusk is a growing network of top-tier regional parcel carriers. We drive value for our shippers by providing easy access to regional carriers, lower shipping costs, a unified tracking page, and proactive support on every parcel.

How is Tusk able to save money on shipping label costs?

Our regional carrier partners focus their service areas on densely populated metropolitan and suburban areas. They run their networks with a high degree of operational efficiency, allowing them to provide service at a lower cost than national carriers. Tusk passes these savings on to shippers via our pre-negotiated rates with each carrier.

How do I start shipping with Tusk?

To get started, visit this page and complete the form to chat with one of our team members. After signing up, you’ll be guided through an onboarding process that will ensure Tusk is technically integrated, your warehouse operators are ready, and your support teams are informed and engaged.

How do I print labels with Tusk?

Tusk labels will be purchased and printed exactly how you purchase your labels today. There is no new software needed to enable Tusk. Tusk connects directly to a number of shipping platforms, including ShipStation, Deposco, Logiwa, Extensiv, and more. Don’t see your software listed? Reach out to us for an updated list of all possible integrations. 

How can I manage my Tusk shipments?

During onboarding, you will receive a link to a Shipper dashboard where you and your team can view all Tusk shipments in one place. The dashboard includes breakdowns by origin and transit status, statistics on delivery performance and costs, and exportable raw data for your own analyses.

Who should I contact with questions about a specific shipment?

For all parcel inquiries, send an email to Make sure to include the Tusk tracking number and any relevant information. If a shipment is damaged or lost in transit, or a recipient is unable to locate a delivered package, Tusk will investigate with the final mile carrier and file a claim on the shipper’s behalf.

How do I track a Tusk shipment?

To track your package, enter your tracking number on the Tusk tracking page. A Tusk tracking number will have “TUSK” followed by 12 alphanumeric characters. If you’d like to inquire about your shipment, send an email with your tracking number to 

Will I know which carrier is delivering my package?

Your final mile carrier will always be listed on the Tusk tracking page. You’ll see their logo under “Carrier Partner” and can navigate to the carrier-specific tracking page by clicking “Carrier Tracking Number”. If you have a question or comment about your carrier, reach out to

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