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Tusk’s shipping network gives ecommerce companies faster shipping, reliable service, and proactive support, all at 30% lower costs.
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Rate Browser interface showing Tusk Logistics' competitive shipping rates compared with USPS and UPS.
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Chris Campo,
Good Buy Gear
“If you want on time shipping, if you want to lower your bottom line costs, then give Tusk a shot.”
Director of Ops,
Unicorn Auctions
“Tusk’s daily operations are smooth and we’re saving a significant amount on each parcel vs FedEx.”

Simplify your ecommerce operations —and reduce shipping costs!

Tusk integrates easily into your existing software so you can print labels onsite, and we coordinate pickups that are injected at optimal points for the fastest delivery.
Tusk Logistics network diagram showing connections between operations, warehouse systems, major couriers, and regional carriers.
Handshake representing partnership agreements, with icons indicating pre-negotiated rates with regional carriers for Tusk Logistics.

Drive conversion with faster deliveries at a lower cost

Tusk’s pre-negotiated rates with regional shippers not only speed up your deliveries, but they lower your shipping costs. Use these savings to lower your free shipping thresholds or pass directly onto your customers.

Give your customers a world class shipping experience

Your shipping experience is core to your brand, and Tusk is here to help you get delivery right for each customer.Tusk tracks and monitors your parcel's journey and we notify you proactively when a delivery may be delayed
Delivery personnel and customer sign off on Tusk Logistics parcel monitoring interface showing multiple delivered packages.

See how much you can save with Tusk

Our team can quickly analyze your parcel data to size the savings Tusk would drive for your operation.
Chart compares shipping rates, with Tusk saving up to 64.07%

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