February 2, 2023

- Written By

Ben Emmrich

Introducing Tusk Logistics: Putting Shippers First

Today is an exciting day for the Tusk Logistics team. After nearly two years, we’re proud to share that Tusk’s national network of top regional parcel carriers is publicly available! We’re also excited to announce our $1.6M Pre-Seed funding, led by Forum Ventures with participation from TitletownTech, and Fulfillment IQ, as well as our partnership with leading regional parcel carriers like Better Trucks, GLS US, LSO and CDL.

I cut my professional teeth at the overlap of small parcel logistics and eCommerce. At Google Shopping and Shippo, I negotiated for improved delivery economics and managed strategic partnerships with parcel carriers that led to lower shipping costs for eCommerce merchants. I even ran my own delivery company. But throughout my experience as an entrepreneur and at companies large and small, I was always curious – and frustrated! – why it was so difficult to unlock the value that regional parcel carriers provide.

While regional carriers have been strong small parcel delivery providers for decades, the regional carrier ecosystem is fragmented, with each carrier requiring a negotiated account, bespoke technical integration and tailored operations. This level of complexity excludes most Shippers from accessing the incredible value and top service that these strong regionals provide. Today, less than 3% of all domestic small parcel volume – a $150B+ market – is delivered by regional carriers.

This imbalance was the seed for Tusk Logistics – a national network of top regional parcel carriers that puts Shippers first, with low costs, reliable deliveries and proactive support.

Tusk exists to drive value to our Shippers. We drive value through the Tusk API, which standardizes regional carrier access, then seamlessly integrates into Shippers’ existing warehouse software. We’ve made integrations simple, so that a Tusk Shipper can be creating and sending Tusk parcels in less than one day.

Tusk is a partner that solves problems, not creates them.

We earn the trust and confidence of our Shippers by actively monitoring each parcel in-flight, stepping in to solve delivery issues – often before they arise. Tusk’s deep regional network visibility also enables optimized zone skips and injections, lowering the final mile delivery costs nationwide, by an average of 40% or more per parcel.

The Tusk network is built for Shippers who carry the burden of exceeding their customers’ expectations while keeping costs under control.

Behind the technology is a team who pioneered eCommerce logistics at companies like Shipbob, Google, Shippo and 2ndKitchen.

Today, Tusk is lowering its Shippers’ per-parcel costs by more than 40%, but Tusk’s value is measured by more than savings alone. Tusk’s full impact is measured by the Shipper trust we earn by keeping their needs and their customers at the center of everything we do.

Volume follows value!

See how much Tusk could lower your shipping costs by initiating a Tusk impact analysis by reaching out to our team.

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